Monday, April 27, 2009

Good design is a good user experience

The "Designing the Experience" panelists focused on user experience. They showcased a few softwares, such as small business accounting software Netbooks released three weeks ago in beta, html Email marketing software Mailchimp , and Turbotax , where users can share information about taxes through Intuit's large database.  The designs were lauded for having a simple, humanized interfaces.

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  1. Thanks for the post. This was a very good workshop with many insights. One of the important things I took away from this workshop was the reminder from Alora these truths are the same for F2F as for online. She mentioned a live F2F event for JetBlue when they opened a new Terminal in NY. They went to extraordinary lengths to create an "experience" (dare I say learning experience) and it was hugely successful. I think of all the conference, meeting and event planning I've done over the years it is the ability to intentionally create a remarkable experience that makes or breaks an event - just as it does with software.